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    In spring,we go forward……

    Spring is coming, everything is coming to life again,The spring breeze is busy sowing green.Inadvertently, spring has spread all over the world in every corner.A year's plan starts with spring.It’s only to work hard in spring,so that we ……

    Make concerted efforts, keep striving in 2017

    We bid farewell to the extraordinary 2016,hard won achievements have become the past.A year's plan is in the spring,and now the most important thing is to do a good job in the new year's work plan,the development and distribution of the o……

  • rotogravure printing machine
    Mobilization meeting 2017 of LIDA MACHINERY was successfully held

    At the beginning of the busy new year,we gathered together to discuss a great plan which can make the 2017 to be a year of growth and harvest for LIDA printing machinery. It is said that a day's plan is in the morning, and a year's plan ……

    Introduce the main aspects of the composite machine direction

    Dry?lamination machine development direction of the main table Now consider the following three aspects: Frame structure: cutting is also two or three times to cut the domestic plant should be noted that the framework of the structure,……

  • 1-16120113444V01
    Complex machine sector of the “new revolution”

    As a result of the traditional dry lamination machine itself, there are solvent residue, energy consumption, composite structure, the cost of glue and many other limitations, making as a complex machine manufacturers must make a new break……

    Seven innovations for rotogravure printing machine

    1, automatic rotogravure printing machine fluctuations ? In the production process, the automatic fluctuation through the accurate measurement technology test, the different diameter, the different width roll material automatic clamp po……

    Waste heat recovery and utilization system of deodorizing unit for dry lamination machine

    In the printing machinery manufacturing and sales business of DNK companies to jointly develop a recycling of dry lamination machine waste heat system. And strive to reduce the energy consumption of the drying device by 30%. In the compo……

    Common Adjustment Methods of Dry Lamination Machine

    1, The complex machine in the course of the use of contrast is easy to present various types of questions, we should be in the face of doubt after a timely investigation to avoid the formation of complex machine machine damage, the follow……

  • rotogravure-printing-machine-lya-m-1
    Press manufacturers break the routine to create a new chapter in the embossed printing industry

    Printing machine is a kind of paper processing equipment, printing machine manufacturers mainly for paper mills single sheet paper processing and printing company printing products shaping processing, printing machine manufacturers hon……

  • 1-160h5144hx43
    2017 Dubai International Packaging and Printing Exhibition

    Exhibition Location: Dubai World Trade Center Exhibition Hall organizer:TARSUS organizer:Beijing Silkroad Legend International Exhibition Co., Ltd Exhibition Introduction: The exhibition was organized by the British TARSUS Group Fai……

  • 1-160h3104sm07
    Printing machinery or into the future high-profit printing market

    Beijing printing market, ?printing machinery as an important part of the packaging and printing industry, its easy to use, the characteristics of various forms, won the customer favorite. With the continuous improvement of living standard……

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