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  • Gravure Printing Machine
    Method for Adjusting Ink Density of Gravure Printing Machine

    The gravure printing machine?ink is composed of a solid resin, a volatile solvent, a pigment, a filler, and an additive. It does not contain vegetable oil, and most of its drying methods are volatile. Gravure printing machine inks can be ……

  • Gravure Printing Machine
    Different Inks Affect the Printing Cost of Gravure Printing Machine

    In the printing process of gravure printing machine, although the cost only accounts for 15% of the printing cost (paper accounts for 45%), the printing factory has not given up the effort to reduce the cost of ink. The packaging printers……

  • Gravure Printing Machine
    The Fog Printing Problem Caused by the Ink Itself in the Gravure Printing Machine

    When printing on the gravure printing machine, the full plate of the plate cylinder is inked, and the ink of the blank part of the plate is scraped off by the squeegee to leave the ink of the graphic part, and then the paper is pressed, a……

  • Gravure Printing Machine
    Ink Characteristics of Gravure Printing Machine and its Relationship with Printing

    The viscosity of the solvent-based gravure printing machine ink is too high, causing scratches, biting, paste, and printing problems such as "orange peel". In summary, when designing and manufacturing solvent-based gravure printing machi……

  • Gravure Printing Machine Press
    High Quality Gravure Printing Machine Cost Performance Comparison

    The gravure printing machine is printed by circular pressing and direct printing. The printing plate is directly formed on the plate cylinder, and is inked by ink or ink jet. There is no ink distribution mechanism. Since the ink layer is ……

  • Plastic Film High Speed Solventless Lamination Machine
    Solvent-less Lamination Machine Technology

    Solvent-free lamination machine technology was developed on the basis of the organic solvent in the 1970s oil crisis and the increasing demand for environmental protection in the world. In particular, with the increase in the emission of ……

  • Gravure Printing Machine
    Gravure Printing Machine Main Structure

    The structure of the gravure printing machine, the role of paper, ink, printing, drying, collecting five parts and the role of printing machinery knowledge - Features - Classification This article mainly introduces the structure of the gr……

  • Solvent-less Lamination Machine
    Common Adjustment Method of Eccentric Wear Phenomenon of Solvent-less Lamination Machine

    1. The solvent-less lamination machine is also easy to present various types of questions in the process of application. We should promptly check the problems encountered after the encountered problems to avoid the damage of the composite……

  • Dry Laminating Machine
    What are the Maintenance Methods for Dry Laminating Machines

    The maintenance methods of the dry laminating machine are as follows: 1) After the rubber roller and the roller are working every day, the glue should be wiped clean. If there is dry glue, it must not be scraped with a hard device. 2) D……

  • High-speed Coating Machine
    Lida Mechanical High-speed Coating Machine Features

    The high-speed coating machine of Jiangyin Lida Machinery is suitable for the production of exterior coating of film and paper. The high-speed coater coats the roll of the substrate with a special layer of glue, paint or ink, and then win……

  • Gravure Printing Machine
    Dry Heat Source for Gravure Printing Machine

    Since the ink layer of the gravure printing machine is thicker than the offset printing, after one color printing, it is necessary to use a drying system to rapidly evaporate and dry the ink solvent on the printed matter to fix the ink on……

  • Gravure Printing Machine
    Solutions to Common Problems in the Use of Gravure Printing Machine

    The common problem in the use of gravure printing machine is the printing method. When the gravure printer prints, the full plate of the plate cylinder is inked. The ink is scraped off by the squeegee, leaving some ink on the plate, and t……


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